£ 210

The AKGs are built to last and sound insightful enough, but they’re lacking in refinement

£ 75

Needs a bit more refinement, but the ATH-CKX9iS are a solid pair of headphones from Audio Technica

£ 250

These look good and will last a while, but they don’t excel in sound or noise-cancellation

£ 1725

There’s no denying the LCD-3s are expensive, but such is the quality of their performance that they almost seem like good value

£ 250

An inoffensive pair of cans that need to offer a touch more if they’re to stand out from the crowd

£ 250

Skullcandy is something of a go-to brand for affordable headphones, but the Mix Masters struggle against their competition

£ 140

A pair of cans that can't quite compete in the best in terms dynamics and detail

£ 219

An upbeat, unfussy pair of headphones that should find many fans

£ 160

Good looks, but these headphones lack the substance to go with the style

£ 90

Earphones that look and sound like they mean business, but only if you run them in extensively