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AKG Q460

Tested at £140

More pros than cons, but the AKGs aren’t the most complete listen

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  • Good build and finish
  • comfortable in situ
  • balanced, assertive sound


  • Don’t sound as spacious as most rivals

At first look, getting a partially deaf man of 77 to be the public face of your latest cans might be a questionable move.

On the other hand, getting musical polymath and uber-producer Quincy Jones to front your range can only bring musical gravitas.

The AKG Q460s are also available in an entirely lime-green finish, but we've opted for black. They're a sturdy-feeling, nicely finished proposition, with a comfy headband and an admirably unflashy ‘Q' logo on each of the closed ear-cups.

The fit is snug, and the AKG's don't heat your ears up like some inferior rivals do. There's an in-line mic for phones, plus remote control for iPhones, and if you're prepared to forgo these functions there's a shorter length of (lime-green) cable included, too.

An up-front, vigorous listen
Given something appropriate like Quincy Jones' This Is How I Feel About Jazz to deal with, the Q460s are an up-front and vigorous listen.

Pacy and detailed, they're also nicely balanced – bass is given decent but not overbearing punch, and there's enjoyable texture and bite to vocals in the midrange.

There's a rather congested quality to the presentation, though, a lack of separation that gives the impression that every part of a recording is muscling its way to the front.

Complex parts become hard to follow, so we can't recommend he Q460s unequivocally.

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