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  1. Sony KDL-19S5710

    Sony KDL-19S5710

    Reviewed on 21st December 2009
    Price when reviewed £300

    Build quality on this Sony small screen LCD is fantastic, and the ergonomics aren't bad either - but it all comes at a price

  2. Sony STR-DA3500ES

    Sony STR-DA3500ES

    Reviewed on 20th December 2009
    Price when reviewed £600

    With its thorough HD specification, this Sony is a solid performer – but it just misses out on a fifth star

  3. Sony BDP-S363

    Sony BDP-S363

    Reviewed on 17th December 2009
    Price when reviewed £180

    If this Sony seems familiar, that's because it's identical to its twin, the 'S360. Which means it's an excellent player

  4. Sony KDL-40W5810

    Sony KDL-40W5810

    Reviewed on 1st December 2009
    Price when reviewed £950

    If Freesat takes your fancy, this is the best TV with it built-in

  5. Sony BDP-S560

    Sony BDP-S560

    Reviewed on 26th November 2009
    Price when reviewed £240

    Sony fills a very small gap in its Blu-ray player range with the introduction of the '560, and it's another solid build

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  7. Sony NWZ-S544

    Sony NWZ-S544

    Reviewed on 18th November 2009
    Price when reviewed £109

    Ignore the speakers on the Sony NWZ-S544 and it's a decent alternative to Apple's iPod nano

  8. Sony BDP-S760

    Sony BDP-S760

    Reviewed on 20th October 2009
    Price when reviewed £330

    The Sony BDP-S760 is a remarkable achievement, delivering peerless performance at a more-than-reasonable price

  9. Sony KDL-46Z5500

    Sony KDL-46Z5500

    Reviewed on 29th September 2009
    Price when reviewed £1640

    An accomplished all-round performance – including a decent backlight – puts this Sony up there with the very best

  10. Sony PS3 Slim

    Sony PS3 Slim

    Reviewed on 30th August 2009
    Price when reviewed £250

    Leaner and fitter for the fight, this is the best PS3 yet, and a decent alternative to a standalone BD player

  11. Sony AIR-S20PK

    Sony AIR-S20PK

    Reviewed on 28th August 2009
    Price when reviewed £250

    This wireless music system delivers multi-room in simple style