1. Tannoy TS-12

    Tannoy TS-12

    There's much to admire in the Tannoy TS-12 subwoofer – it remains an enjoyable and flexible design

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  2. Audio Pro B1.36

    Audio Pro B1.36

    The Audio Pro B1.36 is still a worthy choice if you want plenty of thump from a compact box, but newer products have overtaken it

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  3. Wharfedale Diamond SW150

    Wharfedale Diamond SW150

    A true champion of subwoofers, in terms of performance and price – it’s a quality piece of budget equipment

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  4. B&W PV1D Subwoofer System
    Available from £1199.95
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  6. TOA FB-120W Woofer

    TOA FB-120W Woofer

  7. Pioneer S-71W Subwoofer System
    Available from £499.95