1. Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

    Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

    It won’t rock any foundations, but the Mobile Boombox is a fine portable proposition

    Our rating
  2. JBL Flip

    JBL Flip

    A sensational blend of portability and performance makes the JBL Flip a belting Bluetooth speaker

    Our rating
  3. Aves Digital Diamond

    Aves Digital Diamond

    The Diamond has some nice elements but the speaker doesn’t shine as brightly as other rivals at this price point

    Our rating
  4. iLuv MobiOut

    iLuv MobiOut

    The MobiOut doesn’t excel in many areas, but its general design and approach to music could charm you

    Our rating
  5. Sony SRS-BTM8

    Sony SRS-BTM8

    This Bluetooth speaker has little sonic baggage – it’s crammed with features and for the money is quite a find

    Our rating
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  7. Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200

    Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200

    With Bluetooth and AirPlay on board, this is a versatile wireless speaker that’s exciting to listen to

    Our rating
  8. Harman-Kardon Go+Play Wireless

    Harman-Kardon Go+Play Wireless

    A great Bluetooth speaker with big bass and an easy-to-live-with sound

    Our rating
  9. Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100

    Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100

    It might not be the star all-rounder it was, but the Minx is still a worthy option

    Our rating
  10. B&W A5

    B&W A5

    A masterclass in wireless speaker design

    Our rating
  11. Loewe AirSpeaker

    Loewe AirSpeaker

    Loewe AirSpeaker hits the high notes after price drop

    Our rating