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  1. Rega DAC

    Rega DAC

    Reviewed on 23rd July 2012
    Price when reviewed £500

    Got the budget? Got the system? Hear the Rega

  2. dCS Debussy

    dCS Debussy

    Reviewed on 22nd June 2012
    Price when reviewed £7930

    It's not often we see a DAC with this kind of price tag, but this dCS justifies it

  3. Musical Fidelity M1 DAC

    Musical Fidelity M1 DAC

    Reviewed on 14th June 2012
    Price when reviewed £400

    Best DAC £300-£500, Awards 2012. A great product for a time, but more capable rivals have now overtaken it

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  4. Arcam rPAC

    Arcam rPAC

    Reviewed on 14th May 2012
    Price when reviewed £150

    More desirable alternatives exist but the rPac is still a small, inexpensive upgrade for computer-based music collections

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  5. Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100

    Reviewed on 27th April 2012
    Price when reviewed £200

    An affordable, very listenable DAC, but lacks dynamic reach and scale

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  7. Audioengine D1

    Audioengine D1

    Reviewed on 25th April 2012
    Price when reviewed £150

    A great headphone amp and DAC in one neat box, but needs a touch more precision

  8. Arcam FMJ D33

    Arcam FMJ D33

    Reviewed on 24th March 2012
    Price when reviewed £2000

    A fine-sounding, well-equipped high-end DAC but not best in class

  9. Audio Research DAC8

    Audio Research DAC8

    Reviewed on 14th March 2012
    Price when reviewed £4698

    Pricey DAC but one of the most organic-sounding digital products we’ve heard

  10. High Resolution Technologies HeadStreamer

    High Resolution Technologies HeadStreamer

    Reviewed on 7th February 2012
    Price when reviewed £145

    Want better sound from your laptop or PC? Buy one of these

  11. Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

    Reviewed on 3rd February 2012
    Price when reviewed £350

    Versatile and feature-packed DAC/headphone amp majors on detail