Readers enjoy Atmos demo and Award winners at Dolby HQ in London

8 Nov 2013

Fifteen lucky readers won an invite to our special Reader Event at Dolby Labs in London on Tuesday night. They'd won the chance to see and hear Dolby Atmos in action after entering a special competition here on

As well as the chance to experience Dolby's private cinema at its Soho HQ, and a tour of its other facilities, they also got to see several hi-fi and home cinema systems made up from our 2013 Award winners (see below) and to meet members of the editorial team.

Stereo system 1

iPad 4 streaming via Bluetooth

NAD D 3020 digital amp/DAC

Q Acoustics 2050i speakers

AudioQuest FLX-SLiP14/4 cable

Stereo system 2

Naim CD5Si CD player

Arcam A19 hi-fi amp

Tannoy DC6 T SE speakers

AV system

Panasonic TX-P50GT60 TV

Sony BDP-S790 Blu-ray player

Sony STR-DN1040 AV amp

Dali Zensor 1 5.1speaker package

Drinks and nibbles were provided, and a good time was had by all. We made a short video of the evening, so thought we'd share it with you. Many thanks to James, Abigail and JJ at Dolby for making the evening possible.


By Andy Clough

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Im glad you posted the link to the Dolby Atmos site - I found it very interesting, and am suprised you havent gone into more detail about it!

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the video tzjp, it was simply meant to be a way of highlighting an event we took the trouble to arrange for some of our readers. You can read all about Dolby Atmos here.

tzjp wrote:

the accents of whomever you're interviewing are so thick

None taken.

Tell me, kind sirs of the prestegious What Hi-Fi mag, what sort of journalism is this? Is this an ad? is this an infomercial? Is this a new tech intro?

Where are you mentioning even in the slightest bit what in the world is Atmos? What editor is aproving these kind of articles on your website and gets to keep his job...

I swear sometimes reading or going through your articles/reviews throws a serious sense of non-professionalism.

Also, why is there background music all through your video when the accents of whomever you're interviewing are so thick, that even without the music it would be too hard to make any sense out of... Either put in captions or turn the "hip" music off, kindly.