Pioneer has launched the PLX-1000 professional turntable, a DJ-quality direct drive analogue turntable that has been designed for those who "enjoy the look, feel and performance of vinyl".

Due for release in the US in August with a price tag of $849 (£500), the new turntable boasts a user-friendly layout that Pioneer says will be "familiar to top DJs of the past and present".

It has quick tempo control capability on the right side of the device, with a start/stop button over on the left and a high-torque direct drive system for "stable rotation and exceptional control".

[UPDATE 22.07.14] We've now had confirmation that the PLX-1000 turntable will be available in the UK once launched.

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The PLX-1000 can achieve a starting torque of 4.5kg-cm and reaches its fixed rotation speed in 0.3 seconds at 33 1/3 rpm. There's also a detachable power and audio cable connection.

A zinc die-cast chassis has been used for the top section of the PLX-1000, the bottom featuring 8mm-thick resin and the base further reinforced with 9mm-thick vibration-damping material.

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"There’s an entire DJ community that continues to use vinyl because they love the concept and feel of a moving platter associated with traditional turntables," said Pioneer's David Arevalo.

"Now we have added a high performance analogue turntable with superb sound quality. No matter what type of DJ you are, Pioneer offers a product that will suit your style and preference."

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OMG Not a DD Turntable

Whatever are they thinking by using a Direct Drive.  Audiophiles must be apoplectic.  Of course the non_BS brigade have known for decades that they are the T/T to have.

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'analogue turntable'.

'analogue turntable'.Dash 1

Is there any other kind? 

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Nice but...

still missing some good full/half automatic TT with versatile qualities like the old Lencos which had 4 speeds, the old Pioneers PL which had good reliable mechanics (often in a lousy plinth), the late high end Kenwood or Denons for their build or the old pricey Thorens, etc. The most interesting TT on the market for those interested i a fully versatile turntable these days would be the Rek O Kut Rondine 3 which can take every formats produced by the music industry since they make records, but there's still no mechanical options like auto return or so. This is old technology I don't understand why they wouldn't use it again, espacially the japanese who produced them massively in the 80's

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Pioneer PLX-1000


Seeking helps. I prefer the heavy construction and the damping of the plinth and the tonearm of Pioneer PLX-1000 . Not sure whether I should go for it for listening to vinyls only. I have no interest of DJing.

I am planning for it because belt drives in my country is not a good choice at all as I wont be able to get any belt replacements for sure. That is why I had to sell my Pro-ject Essential.

Should I go for Pioneer PLX-1000 just to enjoy the warmths of vinyl. Please help.