IFA NEWS: DMTech announces BDP810 Blu-ray player

2 Sep 2008

DMTech BDP810
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It was clear out in Berlin that while Blu-ray has plenty going for it as the victor of the HD format war and now the sole player in the next-generation video market, but things aren't exactly going to plan.

Blu-ray has yet to break in to mass market territory in terms of sales of hardware and software, even if general consumer awareness is now growing. 

More machines, and at lower prices is what many are calling for, and Netlogic look to be following up with the goods. While a price isn't confirmed, the DMTech BDP810 should have a fairly friendly price tag when it hits the stores in October.

In terms of specification, the player has an HDMI 1.3a connection, claims support for Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD, and in 7.1 form, plus 1080p/24fps  video.

More details – including price and availability – to follow just as soon as we get it... 

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I have to agree. I don't think for the majority of consumers that they care about better than DVD quality if they have to pay 2x or 3x for the movie.

I think the market will need to support Blu-Ray for a long time as a DVD alternative and get costs down whist achiveing visibly higher quality before it sticks. TBH it's the same problem that Vista has got - most folks don't see the point of spending the money.

And the willingness of retailers to knock out back catalogue titles on dvd at rock bottom prices. Joe Public sees the same title on different formats and 9/10 people will go for the cheaper one.

Maybe its something to do with the cost of media rather than the players.

Everyone's pockets have been hit pretty hard with rising fuel and food prices. Maybe spending 60% extra on better quality media (compared to standard DVD) on top of the cost of a player is too much to bear in the current market.