One of the extra features we've added to the new site is the option for you to write user reviews of the kit you own, and we'd love to get your feedback. You will need to be registered and logged in to do so. At the top of each review page you'll see a blue 'Write a review' link, click on this and you'll be takes to the user review page. Select the second blue review tab and a review form will automatically pop up for you to fill in.

When writing a review, please focus on the performance of the product and how well it meets your requirements and expectations. Keep the language you use straightforward and easy to understand. Once you've filled in the form, submit it and it will go into our moderation queue. As we are using an external company to moderate all user reviews for us, it may take up to 48 hours for your review to appear on the site. However, you will receive an email confirming your review has been submitted.

Once the review is published, it will appear on the user reviews page with your scores. At the top of that page you'll see the average customer rating based on all the reviews submitted. One thing to note: if the product in question isn't yet in our database, you will not be able to submit a review. We are working hard with all manufacturers to get the database up to date as quickly as possible, but we do rely on them giving us the relevant information to do so.

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Approved User Reviewers

And the more reviews you submit, the greater your chances of becoming one of our Top Contributors, with a badge alongside your name. You will also have the chance to qualify for Approved User Reviewer status if we think your reviews are up to scratch.

Here are links to some user reviews already published on the site:



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no review in forum?


Does this mean we are not to post review in the forum?

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You can still post reviews in the Forums if you want to, but the Forum threads are meant more for discussion and debate. For your review of a product to appear on the same page as the product itself, you will need to submit the review through the official review form via the 'Write a review' link.