Apple's one-day deals aren't spectacular, but could save you cash on a range of kit, including the iPad 2, iPod Touch and iPod Nano

Apple's traditional 'Black Friday' shopping event is here, giving a range of modest discounts on a range of its own products - but some juicier deals on other companies' Apple-friendly docks and accessories.

You could save £31 on an Apple iPad 2 (down to £368 from £399); £15 on an iPod Touch (£154 from £169) and £11 on an iPod Nano (£104 from £115).

If you're in the market for a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac desktop, you can save £81 on each.

Other offers include the AirPort Express reduced to £68 from £79, plus a £50 iTunes Gift Card for £45.

The best deals actually come from non-Apple products - if you're after a B&W Zeppelin Air dock, you can bag one for £397.99, which is more than £100 off list price.

All the discounts are available throughout the day, both in Apple stores and online here.

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