Cambridge Audio 752BD flagship universal disc player confirmed

14 Jan 2013

Cambridge Audio revealed the Azur 752BD, its flagship 3D Blu-ray player, at CES 2013. 

Billed as the company's "best ever universal player", the 752BD can play DVD, Blu-ray, CD and SACD discs, amongst others, as well as a range of digital files such as AAC, FLAC and WAV. 

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A network-enabled device, you can connect to the internet via a wired or wireless connection and stream content from UpNP or DLNA devices such as a laptop or NAS drive.

You can also access streaming services direct from the player, with YouTube and Picasa two of the services Cambridge Audio highlights.

Plenty of connectivity is on offer, with two 3D-Ready HDMI 1.4 inputs, three USB inputs, digital coaxial and optical inputs and outputs, plus dedicated stereo and 7.1 analogue outputs. There are twin HDMI outputs, too.

The 752BD also has a front-mounted HDMI input for a Mobile High-Definition Link connection from smartphones and tablets, with video upscaling and audio upsampling of all content. 

A 3D Blu-ray player, it can deliver 2D-to-3D conversion on the fly, too, plus upscale to 4K resolution, should you already be the proud owner of an Ultra HD TV.

Video processing is taken care of by a Marvell Odea processor, while five Wolfson 24/192 DACs are on board on the audio side of things.

The Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD has an all-metal case, new look on-screen interface and comes with a backlit remote.

Details on a release date and price just as soon as we have them. 

Written by Joe Cox

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No, they don't have AirPlay.

There seems to be one very useful feature missing from both the Oppo and the Cambridge players - Apple Airplay. Is it there and I've missed it?

yes, i should have said, the power suply updated from the old oppo. brittish designed mabey but definatly made in China. the oppos and cambridge are made in the same factory but to different specification set out by the badge holder. for the record i loved the 751 but it couldnt quite match the sound of my cyrus cd 8x for cd's the fact it was close says something for a multi playback machine. 

Ugraded power supply compared to what - the previous version of the Oppo I believe. That's got nothing to do with the power supply used by the BD752.

One big plus for me is that the BD752 is British made. Lots of people mistakenly thought the previous Cambrdige player was based upon the previous Oppo, and we'll probably get the same here. That's like saying that, for two computers using the same motherboard, one is based on the other, but which one?

the Oppo also has a headphone amp and upgraded power suply.

Backlit remote - yay! More useful for home cinema and projector users than the 751 remote which was squeeky cheap.

This has exactly the same features as the Oppo BDP-105EU, apart from it uses Wolfson DACS instead of Sabre DACS, in the analogue section.

I am happy to see that optical inputs start becoming more available these days.