You might have noticed earlier this month that Magico had revealed it was to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the launch of the M Project – a special edition speaker that's due for release in October at a somewhat weighty cost of £130,000.

It's fair to say that such a high-end price tag places the M Project beyond the reach of many consumers, but everything's relative, no? That's because £130,000 doesn't even come close to some of the most expensive speakers ever produced.

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We decided to do a little bit of detective work to see how Magico's M Project compares against the speakers that would put an even bigger hole in your pocket. Indulgent? Extravagant? Perhaps. Expensive? You bet... so here's what we found (prices have been converted into pounds where appropriate):

Final Audio Opus 204 – £295,000

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A striking 800kg speaker we first spotted at the 2013 Munich High End Show. The Japanese company – founded, owned and run by Kanemori Takai – uses sand-filled ultra-thin aluminium cones for this particular high-end model.

CAT MBX Powered Speakers – £295,000

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CAT says its MBX systems have been known to top $16m! Custom-built, these speakers weigh five tonnes each and house 22in subwoofers; 9in woofers; 5.5in mid-range speakers; and 1.25in tweeters. We also understand the enclosures are more than 8in thick and built using CAT's own secret lamination process.

Backes & Muller BM 100 – £295,000

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We're still hovering around the half-a-million dollars mark with these towering Backes & Müller BM 100s, which will need a bit of space given their height of 230cm (or 7ft 6in). One of the most impressive features is its large mid-range horn, that measures 2.3m high and a front area spanning 1.75sq m.

Moon Audio Signature Titan II – £306,000

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With a listed retail price of $520,000 a pair, the Signature Titan II is a limited edition speaker described by Moon Audio as the first in a series of "ultra-limited edition functional acoustic art works". Each pair has been signed by the designer, and its limited edition tag is not to be taken lightly - one pair reportedly went for $2m

Magico Ultimate III – £353,000

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At $600,000 a pair, the Magico Ultimate IIIs stand nearly 8ft tall and is an all-aluminium, five-way horn-loaded system. It's reported to require 10 amplifiers, with technical aspects including the throats of each horn that feature a high-sensitivity compression driver among others.

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Wisdom Audio Infinite Wisdom Grande – £412,000

Image via AV Max

With the Wisdom Audio Infinite Wisdom Grande, we're now starting to really move up the price ladder. And these are large units, weighing in at a total of nearly two tonnes and standing more than 8ft tall - designed, says Wisdom Audio - for "multi-level rooms in the largest homes and palaces, great halls and ballrooms" no less.

Kharma Grand Enigma – £589,000

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The Dutch high-end audio manufacturer's Exquisite Extreme Grand Limited Edition 25 might seem expensive enough at a reported £318k a pair, but the Grand Enigma soars higher than that. A one-off, this system was said to have been designed in a huge cellar in Belgium and with a dollar price tag with six noughts on the end. 


Moon Audio Opulence – £648,000

Image via Moon Audio

Moon Audio makes a second appearance in this list with an even more ostentatious speaker than the first. Just 10 pairs were produced at a cost of $1.1m, with the ominous sounding Dark Star on board - something the company claims offesr "an optional second way of experiencing music, which is independent of the drivers in the speaker itself and delivers music into the listener's brain, bypassing the ears". How it works, we don't know - but we're confident the ears won't be rendered obsolete just yet.

Transmission Audio Ultimate – £1.2m

Image via Home Bent

Transmission Audio is proud of the Ultimate. If you wanted to compare it to sports cars, the manufacturer says, you'd have to "combine the specifications of Ferrari, Mazerati and Koenigsegg in one chassis". A complete pair with amplifiers isn't exactly a snip at $2m, with plenty of components going into a full stereo two channel set-up: four Dipole Subwoofers, each containing 10 pcs of 15in Ultra Class elements; two Dipole Woofers (one per channel), each containing 24pcs of Ultra low distortion, 8in Wide band woofers; four Dipole MF/HF ribbon panels (two per channel), each containing 14m of 2in wide ribbons; and two Dipole HF Super ribbon panels (one per channel), each containing 2m of 1in ribbons. Little surprise it stands more than 7ft tall, then...

Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure – £5m

Image via Hart Audio

Rub your eyes as much as you wish, but that won't change the fact the price you see for this pair of stunning speakers is a cool £5m. If we owned them, we'd almost be scared to use the speakers for their intended purpose out of fear that we might do some damage and have to come up with another sizeable chunk of cash to replace them. So what makes this such an expensive pair of speakers? It's just a hunch, but we reckon it has something to do with the 76cm cabinet that has been cast in 24-carat gold...

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tinkywinkydipsylalapo's picture

Oh, and

Love the way those Moon Audio Signature Titans levitate above the floor: you'd have throught for that money they could've afforded someone who could use Photoshop properly!

Infiniteloop's picture

Whoever designs these things

Whoever designs these things needs to go back to Design school.

Aesthetically, these are truly, embarrassingly, awful.

Ultima893's picture

Cost is up and over the £1 million mark but...

How many of those speakers in this list would geniuinely break into a top 10 greatest speaker ever made list? Possibly top 50 or at best top 20... But I wouldn't say top5/10 like they should be. I'd still take the  £4 million KSS 12.12 channel Snell THX Reference system over any of these flashy systems any day of the week. Wouldn't say no to either though!

themovierooms's picture

A quick visit to the Moon

A quick visit to the Moon audio website was an experience to say the least. 

Big Aura's picture

Moon Audio - the speaker that

Moon Audio - the speaker that casts no shadow...

No Wilson Audio Alexandria?  I heard them in a friend's house and they were eye-wateringly good (although my father-in-law thought they were "a bit too boxy" sounding)

A.e.C's picture

Nice curiosities!

for that money you could almost bring the bands home! Several times a year.

John Richards's picture




John Richards's picture


All of the above shout out their gargantuan price tags and rare element credentials but, do they actually sound any good?

With a lottery win and that level of money to spend I'd still be inclined to opt for a pair of reconditioned Bowers & Wilkins DM70s (or the sexier Sony badged white space age / washing machine variant) - still for me the finest sounding and most detailed stereo speakers ever made. Or failing that a pair of Nautilus from Worthing's finest. Other than that if I really had to blow a wad of cash on the speakers then a pair of Tannoy Westminster Royal SEs in finest walnut to match the bespoke walnut panelled listening room which I would have built with the remiander of the cash and still have some left over for a decent vinyl front end and valve amps and a couple of comfy leather Chesterfields.  Now that is priceless.


Fulci's picture

Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure tweeter?

Is that a £20 vifa tweeter on those £5mil Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure? 

David@FrankHarvey's picture


I'm with Infiniteloop on this one. At these sort of prices, there's absolutely no reason why these speakers can't and shouldn't look stunning. 

With real hi-fi sales dwindling due to changing lifestyles, it is harder and harder to get high quality audio in people's living rooms, and ugly hi-fi really doesn't help! 

Markone0one's picture

Why do they look so ugly?!

I get that they may need to make some design changes in order produce the required sound but painting them in slutty red colors and stuff is just outrageous and down right idiotic.


Macca2631's picture

Ugly Speakers!

Did someone seriously design these monstrosities for the high end of the market or were they priced as a joke?

They might sound fine and dandy but you'd have to be able to screen them to make them invisible.

I'm sure a blind listening is recommended Smile