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4 speaker outputs too 2 speakers?

A friend recently told me that I could run my 2 Tannoy M4's from all 4 outputs on my Amp (Yamaha AX550)

He said I can bridge the 2 sets of outputs by

a) wire some bi- wire cable to left A /  left B & right A / right B on amp then join these wires into the 2 inputs on back of speakers, or

b) connect the outputs for speakers A & B with small amount of wire and run normal speaker cable

I'm not sure about this, any comments

Can this Amp be bridged in any way and would it have any benefit 

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RE: 4 speaker outputs too 2 speakers?

This would make no difference to anything.

To BIWIRE your speakers (provided they have four separate terminals on the back...) you need to remove the metal jumpers between the terminals, then run a length of cable from, for example, Amp Left 1 to Left Treble terminals, Amp Left 2 to Bass Terminals, etc.

Your amp is not bridgeable- the two sets of outputs are identical, i.e physically connected, so it doesn't make much much difference whichever you use.

EDIT just googled the M4s... Your speakers are single wired only- one pair of inputs. Just use a single run of cable- there is absolutely no benefit in changing anything!

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RE: 4 speaker outputs too 2 speakers?

I think your friend is walking living proof that a little knowlege about something is a dangerous thing.

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