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RE: Roksan Caspian M2 integrated amplifier hum

Vladimir wrote:

drummerman wrote:

You wouldn't accept that in a product costing £200, even less so with an amplifier of that price.


Return to seller for an exchange or else ask for a refund and choose something that doesn't hum would be my advise. -




Also the motorized volume takes some time to get used to since it has a safety feature

Didn't realize that.  Just thought it was just a bit slow. I assume the Caspian and K2 both have this feature.

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RE: Roksan Caspian M2 integrated amplifier hum

Another K2 amplifier owner here with rubbish, unresponsive remote. Not very happy but will live with it. Seems the norm rather than the exception..

Best wishes to the OP in getting a speedy replacement amp.

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