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Denon DM35DAB

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Am thinking about buying this system together with Denon's SCM73 speakers.  Cheapest I can find is £309.

Does anyone have any experience or opinions.  I only want a micro system.  Was going to buy the Roberts MP23, but it got a terrible review in Which?  mike

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Re: Denon DM35DAB

Hi Mike,

It's a four-star system that plays it very safe, sound-wise.

If you want a micro that's far more of an all-rounder, try Onkyo's CS-515DAB - more punch, pace and drive than the Denon, without sounding strident. Its speakers are good (certainly a match for the Denon SCM73s), but the system can sound even better with true hi-fi speakers (think Tannoy Mercury F1 Customs, £110) while still keeping the complete cost @£300-£330.


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