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Best Gaming Headset plugged through AV

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Hi Guys

I was wondering what the best thing is to do here. I have a new AV setup (see sig) and wanted a pair of headphones for gaming (console). what would you say is the best set to buy and plug directly into the AV using a Jack. Or am I looking at this the wrong way? Should i go for something like a traditional headset like Grado SR325i which cost about £300 (used for Hifi) or spend the money on a dedicated set of gaming headphones likes the Astro A40?


Thanks in Advance Smile


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RE: Best Gaming Headset plugged through AV


Absolutely love my Sharkoon 5.1 headphones. They are true 5.1 with tiny speakers in each ear. They connect to a mini Dolby D decoder that connects to consoles via included Optical cable. Not bad for films either.

These are the best accessory i have ever purchased at around £120. They come with a mic too which you can use for chat with either, PS3,360 or PC.

If you search Sharkoon 5.1 review you should see many reviews, their own website shows off the numerous awards for this product.


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RE: Best Gaming Headset plugged through AV

You are trying to get 5.1 surround effects through a headphone system with 2 speakers/headspeakers - do u not see the problem?


There is technically no way with todays or even tommorows technology for this to work. If you want more info have a look on the specialist hardware websites.


Your only choice for real surround sound on games is to plug your console/pc into your surround sound system.





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