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Best way to receive BBC Radio 3

I have recently purchased a Naim Uniti with which I very pleased.

However I have a dilemma as I have 5 ways I can now receive BBC radio 3 viz

FM, DAB, iRadio, Virgin Media STB and the Freeview tuner in my Panasonic TV.

To my ears FM beats DAB but the other ways are getting close.

Has anyone at What Hifi or generally done a blind test on these 5 ways to see which is the best?

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Re: Best way to receive BBC Radio 3

In order of quality...

FM (with good roof aerial)

320kbps internet stream.

Freeview from DVD recorder or PVR or Skybox etc. (via a DAC* using optical digital connection)

'Normal' quality (AAC+) stream from BBC website.

DAB. (Shockingly lifeless even with a decent aerial)

* Skip the "via a DAC" bit as your Uniti already has one built in.

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Re: Best way to receive BBC Radio 3

FM every time, but - as the chebster says - you'll need a good aerial.

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Re: Best way to receive BBC Radio 3

The OP missed one option: radio via Freesat as opposed to Freeview. Are the bitrates any better there? I know they often are or used to be for TV. 

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