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Best Robust DAB and MP3 player - Excellent Sound Quality

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Right, hi all, I wonder if you can help....

I am looking for a DAD radio to use at home. It needs to be sturdy ( I am accident prone) not too complicated ( I am a technophobe) and I very much want to be able to plug my Samsung Galaxy S2 into it to use as a music player, this is why it needs exellent speakers. I want to really annoy the neighbours.

I have always had an iPod until now so am used to simplicity, just plugging phone into dock and streaming. But unfortunately I am no longer that posh :( 

This will be my main home entertainment system so just want it too be able to run phone and Radio 6 and will be happy. It would be great if it just had a charge pack as will end up electrocuting a cat/myself if it's plugged in, no one wants that. 


Thanks for your help  Tongue