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Sony BDP-S590 coax/optical digital audio output

In another part of the forum I have written a post about hi res audio discs (downloads from the Bowers and Wilkins Society of Sound). I have burned some discs with Toast which are now 24/96 music discs on the DVD Video format.

The strange thing is that when I play these discs on our Bluray player, the output shows up as 24/96 LCPM on the screen of the TV but the output through a digital coax cable to our DAC only gives 48. I have also tried the discs in our old Sony HDD/DVD recorder and the output through digital coax is 24/96.

Does anyone know if the Sony BDP-s590 downsamples sound through the digital coax out? If it does, it's not documented anywhere in the manual. I have looked in the settings of the machine and I can't find any setting to get the digital coax out to 24/96 output.

It boggles the mind.

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