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Sony STR-DH820 review - now online!

16/9/2011 - Review now live here on whathifi.com

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RE: Sony STR-DH820 review - now online!


I m new here. i wud like to know the basic difference between Sony STR-DH810 n Sony STR-DH820.

which one i should choose. Besides upscaling courtesy of Faroudja in 820 what are the other benefits.

In ur mag both r priced at 300 but in others 820 is costlier.pliz help.


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RE: Sony STR-DH820 review - now online!

A quick compare of the specifications according to RS. The Sony 820 has 5 watts more power, a USB connection, 1080p upscaling, Zone 2 Passive & 7.2 surround option which means you can add an extra Subwoofer for better bass control.

The 820 is £249.95 at RS & the 810 is £179.95


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