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Sony 810 or Yamaha 667?

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I have a Denon 1707 which has served me well the last few years but it cannot deal with HD soundtracks. 


I have a budget of up to about £300 and have been looking at the above amps. Both have received very positive reviews. I have a Sony 370 Blu Ray which I am please with and I have previously owned a Yamaha surround amp which I enjoyed the sound of.


Would the Yamaha be a significantly better beast than the Sony or do I save the £100, go for the Sony and buy a bunch of Blu Rays?


Any thoughts greatly appreciated.



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RE: AV receivers


This same question was asked a few months ago.

Link to post here including my own reasons for the choice I made.

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RE: AV receivers

Well I asked the same-ish question, in a very round about fashion and came to the same conclusion - I got an RXV-667, rather than the Sony.  Might want to look out for deals - the Titanium one I got was significantly cheaper than a black model - IIRC there was £100 in it!


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