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Apple iPhone micro USB adapter

Apple has also quietly released a micro USB adapter, allowing you to charge the iPhone with any existing micro USB chargers.

This is to comply with the European norms, I suppose.

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RE: Apple iPhone micro USB adapter

That's awfully good of them to do this rather than just fit a micro USB socket on the darn phone.  I have pre-ordered a 4S but at £8, they're taking the mick!  Nearly as ridiculous as what I had to pay for an ethernet adaptor.  What is it with apple and their accessories?

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RE: Apple iPhone micro USB adapter

It's almost like they built up an enormous Eco system around the dock connector and they don't want people using mini USB Blum 3

I'm sure by the end of Steves 4 year plan there will be no holes/jacks/sockets on the iPhone whatsoever.

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RE: Apple iPhone micro USB adapter

Paul Hobbs wrote:
It's almost like <snip> they don't want people using mini USB

  or at a stroke they have made every phone they have made compatible with the new standard.
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RE: Apple iPhone micro USB adapter

8 quid, and then they want a whapping 4 quid, PLUS VAT to ship this tiny item. I'm a big Apple fan, but that's really got my blood boiling! |( As rip-off's go, that's a whopper, and one you might not expect from a company already richer than the US government. Big black mark for Apple |(

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