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QED Performance Audio 2 vs QED Reference Evolution

Hi all,

Does any one have experience with the above interconnects? I have purcahased the Audio 2 yesterday and notice a significant difference to the sound of my newly acquired Rega Apollo. The bass is more controlled and warm. I am given 1 week to test it out and then, I am given an option to upgrade the interconnect to Evolution by just paying the balance which is double the price of the Audio 2.

Although I could not find any review for the Audio 2 and Evolution here, I took the risk by purchasing the Audio 2 based on the Creek/Epos set up the shop had to audition for the Audio 2. We did a comparison between Audio 2 and the cheapo freebie interconnect from the box.

So, my question is basically, will I get much improvement by upgrading to Evolution? Note: Once I purchase the Evolution, I cannot go back to Audio 2 and ask for a refund. Its a one way deal. I can of course change to a more expensive interconnect and pay the difference. 


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