If you own bookshelf or standmount speakers, then mount them on a decent pair of speaker stands to ensure they perform at their best.

Why? Isolating your speakers with rigid, non-resonating stands will minimise vibrations, which can colour the sound.

While speakers can sit on a bookshelf or table, bass notes are likely to cause resonance, spoiling the audio quality.

Make sure your speakers sit roughly at ear-level and ensure they're secure on the stands - Blu-tac works fine. 

Lastly, make sure that any spikes or parts to the stands are securely attached in order to provide a level, secure standing for your speakers.

Best speaker stands under £100
Custom Design SQ400
Custom Design SQ 400
Our Rating 
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Tested at £100

Now available for a few quid under £100, this is a fine pair of budget speaker stands.

You need to keep an eye out for loose screws and generally take care with the build but otherwise they'll allow your speakers to sound livelier, clearer and more detailed. 

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Best speaker stands under £150
Atacama Moseco 6
Our Rating 
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Tested at £120

We’re impressed with how weighty and dynamic these stands make our speakers sound.

The Atacamas work well with a variety of speakers, and not just budget models - despite their relatively modest price.

Easily one of the best-value stands we’ve come across and a rightful 2014 Awards winner.

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Best speaker stands under £200
Custom Design FS104 Signature
Our Rating 
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Tested at £200

These Custom Design stands were our Award-winners back in 2013 and are still available and doing the business now.

A simple to assemble but elegant design, the outside columns help to keep things rigid while the central column can be filled for extra stability.

The stands help our refererence speakers sound clear and punchy, with an agile high-end to balance out that bass. 

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Best speaker stands under £300
Quadraspire QV60
Our Rating 
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Tested at £250

A few years old now but we can still find them on sale online, so they're still worthy of inclusion.

They look a little different but they're fundamentally two sculpted pieces of wood held together by a couple of sturdy pins. And it works.

The sound they facilitate is crisp, fast, attacking and detailed. Provided you like the design, these are a fine choice.

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