We round up the best wireless AirPlay speakers on the market, from £200 to £700, featuring wireless streaming, easy portability and great design.

As long as there are Apple products, there will be AirPlay speakers – but which are the best? Speakers with wireless AirPlay connectivity are aimed largely at iPhone and iPod users, but most units nowadays also come equipped with hardwiring options to connect up any device not blessed with the Apple logo.

But how to separate the best from the rest? Alongside stunning sound quality, manufacturers pay special attention to the build quality and design, while ease of use is also a must. AirPlay is slightly trickier to set up than Bluetooth but once connected, you can't argue with the simplicity of these wireless speakers.

We've rounded-up the best AirPlay speakers you can buy in 2015 from our most recent reviews, and we'll be keeping this page updated as when we review new products...

Best AirPlay speaker under £200
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The Airstream S200 has a spacious, open sound that boasts plenty of confidence. It delivers an astonishing amount of detail for a speaker of its size and price. Put simply, it beats off all rival competition with ease. 

Build quality is exemplary and it's unusual tall shape, rather than a traditional wide box, allows it to be placed in all manner of places. 

The S200 features both AirPlay and Bluetooth, something Apple had previously been against in the S300. It can also play audio via a 3.5mm input. 

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Best AirPlay speaker under £400
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The Libratone Zipp stands apart from the sea of monochrome wireless AirPlay speakers with its brightly-coloured felt covers that you can swap and change - it's a fun feature that makes the speaker stand out. But it's no gimmick – the Zipp has a premium feel, and the upright design delivers 360-degree sound that's immersive and enjoyable.

A particularly open and clear treble sits alongside bass notes that don't go boomy or flat. This is a confident speaker that delivers enthusiasm in spades without ever letting go of its composure. It's fast and punchy, with ample detail to keep you interested in the music.

Throw in the easily-connectable AirPlay, an elegant app, a 3.5mm input and its portable design, and the Libratone Zipp is one of the nicest experiences we've had when listening to wireless music.

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Best AirPlay speaker under £500
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From its sophisticated leather finish and equally elegant and entertaining sound, everything about the Audio Pro Allroom Air One screams quality. Refined detail and accurate timing go hand in hand with a balanced sound that's utterfly captivating. It's hardly a surprise, then, that it snagged the Best wireless speaker £400+ gong at our 2013 Awards.

The Allroom Air One can handle tricky bass notes and has ample weight, all the while retaining strict control and finesse, and delivering smooth vocals.

Alongside the usual AirPlay connectivity, you can also transfer your smart device's wi-fi settings to the speaker via USB – a handy feature. An optical digital input means you can also use the speaker as a soundbar, although its height might obstruct a fraction of your TV screen.

A beautifully crafted speaker with stunning sound, this AirPlay speaker will charm you away from its £500 rivals.

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Best AirPlay speaker under £700
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£700 is quite a lot to pay for an AirPlay speaker, but the B&W A7 justifies the price with hi-fi sound quality and sheer simplicity of use. An app is all you need to set the speaker up, while 3.5mm, USB and ethernet inputs offer flexible connectivity.

A subtle but classy unit that's designed to blend into any room, the range-topping A7 impresses with incredible vocal clarity and depth of detail – it gives space to individual instruments while maintaining cohesion across complicated musical arrangements. An ability to hit deep notes with punch and weight is present here, as is a forgiving nature for more heavily compressed tracks.

Add in a multiroom feature, and the B&W A7 is on its way into the hi-fi hall of fame. It's not cheap, but the A7 is worth every penny for the exciting and involving sound quality it delivers.

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Best AirPlay speaker £700+
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The Mu-so isn't solely an AirPlay speaker, but it has the function and so deserves a place in this list. If you have the money to spend on a wireless speaker, we can't recommend this enough. 

This is as close to hi-fi quality music as you can get from an all-in-one solution. It's almost as much a piece of art as it is a speaker too, with an impeccable build quality and finish. The touchscreen control dial is a joy to use and has a satisfying weight to it. 

The Mu-so delivers music with serious power and has a sure-footed sense of rhythm. Dynamics are superb, with silences between notes having some intensity. No matter what source of music you choose to throw at it, the Mu-so never sounds too bright. 

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