What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Tue, 27 Jul 2010, 4:00pm

Sony MDR-570LP

Tested at £30

If you are looking for comfortable, portable, on-ear headphones these are fine all-rounders

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  • Very comfortable
  • good all-rounders


  • A touch too laid back

Compared to similar, but more expensive on-ear headphones, the closed-back Sonys are the most comfortable we've worn in a while.

The whole ear-pad sits snugly against your ears, as opposed to less agreeable designs that feel like they're clamped on your head.

The 570LPs are also visually alluring, mixing modern and old-school design.

Sonically, they're no match for the likes of the Audio Technica E555 or Grado iGrado 'phones, but they're good all-rounders.

There's no major issue to be had with high or low frequencies; they're just a little laid back and can't excite enough to justify five stars.

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