• Velodyne WiConnect-10
Our Verdict 
If you can’t stand cables, it’s worthy of consideration, but we’d look elsewhere first
Wireless transmission system is effective
substantial bass output in outright terms
Rivals sound faster and more precise, including a cheaper alternative from Velodyne
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We’re not averse to wires: it comes with the territory. But some can’t tolerate the sight of a cable, and it’s these buyers Velodyne is after with its WiConnect-10.

This uses a compact 2.4GHz transmitter module able to transmit bass at ranges of up to 15 metres. Simply connect your AV amp’s subwoofer preout into the transmitter using a short RCA phono interconnect, power the system on and it will form the necessary wireless association with the subwoofer itself.

Four selectable channels are provided to ensure an interference-free signal. The subwoofer itself is more prosaic: it’s a downward-firing 25cm design with 100W of Class D amplification and a substantial rear-facing port: a reasonable specification, but nothing special by class standards.Sound fails to match the priceAnd unfortunately, that’s precisely how the Velodyne sounds, too. Sure, it works, and comparisons with a conventional wired connection revealed little obvious penalty in opting for wireless transmission.

However, there’s a plodding, leaden character to the bass that saps the life from both fast-paced music and action-movie soundtracks.

Velodyne’s own CHT-8Q is a more enjoyable listen, and cheaper too: it may be reliant on a wired link, but for us, that’s a compromise we’d cope with.

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