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Pure Digital Chronos II review

This is a great bedside buy, even if it’s no longer the revolutionary product it once was Tested at £70.00

Our Verdict

The Chronos II has some serious competition, but it’s still a good solid buy


  • Better display than the original, and adds FM too
  • big sound from a small package


  • Not the only fish in this particular pool these days

If you're in the market for a clock/radio/alarm that does more than startle you awake, this second-generation version of Pure's triangular Chronos is better than most.

A big display is mandatory on a product like this, and that's one area in which the latest model improves on the original: other upgrades include automatic dimming depending on the amibient light and the addition of FM RDS to the original DAB-only specification.

All the controls are nice and chunky, making a small-hours fumble with the unit more worthwhile than with most, and the Chronos II has the usual four-alarm set-up, making it possible to set different wake-up times for working days and weekends.

And as you might expect from Pure, radio reception is good, the sound remarkably expansive from such a small triangle, and well balanced enough not to be jarring first thing in the morning.

This is a great bedside buy, even if it's no longer the revolutionary product it once was.