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Philips SA6025 review

Looks good, but scratch the surface and there's not much there Tested at £80.00

Our Verdict

There’s a lot the Philips gets right, but the key basics are lacking. The style/substance ratio is out, here


  • Good looks and build
  • eye-catching price
  • simple to use


  • Rather insipid sound
  • some picture issues

The SA6025 looks and feels more expensive and luxurious than its £80 price tag suggests. Small, slim and tactile, it has the finish of the moment: the smooth, glossy piano black looks lovely, but collects fingerprints like an overzealous scene-of-crime investigator.

Its 2GB memory isn't going to hold a stack of music or video, but it's reasonable considering the price. It also has a clear screen and easy menu navigation, and the PC-only software is straightforward.

The performance is a different matter. Music copied at 128kbps (with only 2GB to play with, we reckon this is the compression ratio most will use) manages to be both dull and hard – no mean feat.


General Information

Product NamePhilips SA6025