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Panasonic RP-CDHX15 review

The RP-CDHX15 is put to shame by rivals costing half its hefty £100 asking price Tested at £100.00

Our Verdict

Forking out for this HDMI cable would be a mistake – a poor performer and even poorer value for money


  • Cable has a slim profile and chunky, solid connectors


  • Images lack clarity
  • edges are poorly defined
  • poorly judged colours

The last Panasonic HDMI cable to feature in What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision was a huge disappointment and did well to escape our testing rooms with a one-star review.

Nevertheless, the Japanese manufacturer seems determined to make an impact in this sector of the market, for it is now back with a new flagship cable.

Unfortunately, Panasonic needn't have bothered. This HDMI cable's slim black jacket and chunky connectors are the only real highlights of what is otherwise a cable to forget.

Colours lack richness, while sharpness and detail levels fall way short of what we'd expect from an HDMI cable at this price.

The usually pristine image on our Quantum Of Solace Blu-ray disc lacks depth and Daniel Craig's chiseled face undoubtedly appears softer than it should.

Little better with sound
Sonically, the 'CDHX15 doesn't fare much better, either. The cable digs up a decent level of detail, but dynamically it can be bettered.

During the opening forest battle of Gladiator the score and on-screen carnage doesn't display enough clout or drama. The cable doesn't give low frequencies enough weight.

The harsh reality is that the 'CDHX15 is put to shame by rivals costing half its hefty £100 asking price.

So, if you're looking for an upgrade, then we'd suggest you skip this opportunity and take a look at massively superior alternatives from the likes of QED and The Chord Company.

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General Information

Manufacturer Website Address
Brand NamePanasonic
Product TypeA/V Cable
Manufacturer Part NumberRPCDHX15EK
Product NamePanasonic RP-CDHX15
Product ModelRPCDHX15EK

Technical Information

Cable TypeHDMI
Cable Length1.50 m
Connector on Second EndHDMI - HDMI 1.3a Digital Audio/Video
Connector on First EndHDMI HDMI 1.3a Digital Audio/Video