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OXX Digital Blue Classic review

Tidy design backed up by credible performance Tested at £100

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Tidy design backed up by entirely credible performance – the Classic demands consideration


  • Pleasing to own and to use
  • expansive, unthreatening sound


  • Some listeners might want a touch more assertive sound
  • DAB costs extra

The Danes have made a bit of a rod for their own backs where design is concerned, but happily OXX Digital doesn’t let the nation down.

The Blue Classic (also available in black or white) is handsome, tactile and an ergonomic paradigm.

Your £100 buys FM and internet radio capability (an extra £30 buys you DAB as well), plus wireless streaming and a 3.5mm input. The display is big and bold, and there’s a headphone output too.

Given the right ammunition, the OXX is capable of delivering a remarkably open, detailed and substantial sound.

It’s a bigger listen than you’d expect from a modestly proportioned, mono design, and sensibly errs on the side of relaxation rather than overt drive and attack.

It’s capable of dynamic variance if pushed, mind you, but overall is as easy on the ear as it is on the eye. This is a tremendous radio – put it on your shortlist.

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