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You can now save 25% on the multi-award-winning Chord Mojo DAC

Multi-award-winning Chord Mojo DAC now 25% off
(Image credit: Chord Electronics)

Chord Electronic's Mojo DAC has won a What Hi-Fi? Award every year since its arrival. In fact, we've often said it's the best-value DAC in the company's vast line-up, offering much of the sound of the £1400 Chord Hugo at a fraction of the price. 

Until now, that price has been £399. But for a "time-limited period" that is dropping to £299 thanks to a 25 per cent discount, making the portable DAC/headphone amp an even more tempting proposition.

Chord has officially reduced the retail price in the UK so we can expect to see the £299 figure appear on UK retailer sites (see below) imminently.

Retailers around the world will follow suit too, "coming as close to the UK reduction as currency fluctuation will allow", according to Chord.