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The Week in HD April 4-10th

Another long, working week is nearly over, so it's time to start planning the next seven days of HD viewing and playing, writes Tom Parsons.

As always, if I've missed something you think we should all know about, drop a note about it below.

Friday 4th April

We're going to kick-off with games this week, as Dark Sector and Condemned 2 are hitting both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The first is a third-person actioner that should appeal to fans of Gears of War, while the second is a first-person horror-adventure from SEGA. Both games have garnered some very positive reviews, so it's just a case of deciding which one you should dedicate the weekend to!

If games aren't your thing, there are only a couple of TV shows of note. The first is Torchwood (BBC HD, 9.00pm), which is worth celebrating as it's the last episode of the series, and could be replaced by something less rubbish next week. As usual, I'll be opting for Dirty Sexy Money (Channel 4 HD, 9.00pm) instead.

Saturday 5th April

Wow, what a busy day for fans of HD television! First up is the F.A. Cup semi-final between Portsmouth and West Brom (BBC HD, 12.00pm), which clashes horribly with Arsenal v. Liverpool in the Premiership (Sky Sports HD1, 12pm).

There are loads of films on today, too. Our recommendations are the silly-but-fun Ghost Rider (Sky Premiere HD, 8.00pm), the brutal-but-brilliant Saving Private Ryan (Screen 1 HD, 10.00pm), and the excellent-but-painful-to-watch-if-your-a-bloke Hard Candy (Sky Premiere HD, 11.45pm).

If none of that lot takes your fancy, Later With Jools Holland (BBC HD, 10.50pm) has an excellent line-up this week, including Gnarls Barkley, Adele and Black Kids.

Sunday 6th April

More football today, as Middlesborough take on Manchester Utd in the Premiership (Sky Sports HD1, 1.00pm), followed by the second of this weekend's F.A. Cup semi finals between Barnsley and Cardiff (Sky Sports HD1, 3.30pm).

Channel 4 HD is the place to be for movies tonight, with the exciting Sahara (8.00pm) beig followed by the classic The Deer Hunter (12.20am).

Monday 7th April

It's a quiet one for Blu-ray this week, with only the kid-oriented Enchanted hitting shelves. Channel 4 HD has come up trumps again though, with the critically acclaimed Monster (10.00pm), providing some class before the brilliant and controversial Battle Royale (12.00am).

Tuesday 8th April

Nothing matters tonight except the return of the exceptional Battlestar Galactica (Sky One HD, 10.00pm). Contrary to Sky's claims that tonight's installment represents episodes one and two of the new season, it does in fact seem to be the feature-length, standalone Razor episode that was released on DVD a little while ago. Still, it's going to look great in HD, and will serve as a cracking warm-up for the genuine, all-new episode next week.

Wednesday 9th April

If it's football you're after the second-leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Man Utd and Roma (Sky Sports HD2, 7.00pm) should provide some entertainment, even if the result already seems like something of a foregone conclusion.

On the movie front is the very good, if somewhat controversial, Munich (Sky Screen 2 HD, 9.00pm).

Thursday 10th April

Yes, we know it's childish and just a bit offensive, but Borat (Sky Screen 1 HD, 9.45pm) is still great, and easily the best thing on TV tonight.

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