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The Week in HD 20th-26th March

With the (welcome) arrival of an extra-long Easter weekend, we thought it would be nice to start our new, weekly guide to the HD content that will get you through the next seven days, writes Tom Parsons.

So here's my pick of the TV shows and movies, Blu-rays and games that you'll find onscreen and in shops this week. If you're a fan of Lost, Terry Pratchett or Premiership Football, you've got a particularly thrilling week ahead of you. And if I've missed anything exciting out, let everyone know below.


Not a great deal to shout about in terms of TV today, but That Mitchell and Webb Look (BBC HD, 9.00pm) is guaranteed to kick off the Easter Weekend with a good laugh.

Also, as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, this week's game releases have been brought forward to today. So if you're a fan of tactical first person shooters, pick up Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six: Vegas 2, and if you like cute, cartoony sports games, try SEGA Superstar Tennis. Both are available on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Friday 21st March

It's Good Friday, you've got kids to entertain, and reports suggest the weather may not be great. Good job there are a load of family films to rely on then! First up is Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Sky Screen 1 HD, 3.30pm), immediately followed by the Jumanji-esque Zathura - A Space Adventure (Sky Screen 1 HD, 6.00pm). And if these new-fangled family films aren't your style, how about the classic Mrs. Doubtfire (Sky One HD, 8.00pm)?

If you're more of a sports fan, Live Test Cricket (Sky Sports HD1, 9.00pm) covers day one of the third test between New Zealand and England.

Saturday 22nd March

If you can get rid of the kids today, it might be an idea, as there's a full schedule of Premier League Football to be watched. The featured game is Tottenham Hotspur v. Portsmouth (Sky Sports HD1, 12.30pm), after which Jeff Stelling and team provide updates on the day's other seven matches on Gillette Soccer Saturday (Sky Sports HD1, 3.00pm).

If you're after movies, there are some decent ones being shown, from the family classic Toy Story 2 (BBC HD, 5.40), which looks stunning in hi-def, to the dark and twisty The Prestige (Sky Screen 2 HD, 9.00pm).

Easter Sunday 23rd March

Once you've had your fill of chocolate eggs, how about settling down for another day of Premiership Football? It's a massive day for the top four as Manchester United take on Liverpool first (Sky Sports HD1, 1.00pm), closely followed by Chelsea v. Arsenal at Stamford Bridge (Sky Sports HD1, 3.30pm).

Today also sees the first part of Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic (Sky One HD, 6.00pm), and the last episode of the current run of Lost (Sky One HD, 9.00pm), both of which I'm very excited about!

Monday 24th March

A couple of family-pleasers for the (probably rainy) Bank Holiday Monday in the shape of animated silly-fest Monster House (Sky Screen 1 HD, 4.10pm), and the conclusion to Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic (Sky One HD, 6.00pm).

If you prefer your movies more grown-up and packaged on shiny discs, try Rendition, which is released on Blu-ray today.

Tuesday 25th March

One of the magazine's favourite recent movies is on in HD tonight - If you've not seen Hot Fuzz (Sky Screen 1 HD, 9.45pm), you simply haven't lived.

Tonight also sees the launch of a new TV series, fresh from the States. Dirty Sexy Money (Channel 4 HD, 11.05) stars Donald Sutherland and boasts Bryan Singer as Executive Producer. Reviews have been great, and don't worry, unlike many US imports (Bionic Woman anyone?) this show hasn't been cancelled before it even starts in this country...

Wednesday 26th March

It's a night of football internationals tonight, with France v. England (Sky Sports HD1, 7.30pm) and Scotland v. Croatia (Sky Sports HD2, 7.30pm) both likely serving as scant compensation for the Home Nations' non-appearance in this summer's European Championships.

If you need some excitement after the football, check out Children of Men (Sky Screen 2 HD, 11.00pm). It's an incredibly exciting and well-shot movie, and it looks glorious in hi-def.

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