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Sony launches USB stick style Walkman B170 complete with clip

Sony B170

Sony has added a new Walkman to its range of portable media players, the B170.

The new B Series is a USB stick style MP3 player, available in a range of colours and with a choice of 2GB and 4GB storage capacities.

The smaller capacity MP3 player is set to sell for £30, while the 4GB device will be £35.

Like Apple's iPod Nano and Shuffle, the B170 comes with a 'chunky clip' in order to attach it to, well, whatever you'd like.

The new Walkman promises to be good for around 18 hours of playback and can get 90 minutes of battery life from just 3 minutes of charge.

As well as a bass boost button, EQ and voice recorder, there's also a feature called 'ZAPPIN', which will play through your library giving you a quick preview of every track before you choose one to play.

Due out in mid-February, the B170 will be out in choice of colours.

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