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Sonos Play:1 set to be cheapest Sonos speaker yet?

Sonos Play 1

A new addition to the Sonos wireless music family looks to be on the horizon, with evidence discovered for a Sonos Play:1 speaker.

The new model seems likely to slot in at the most affordable end of the Sonos market, sitting below the Play:3 and Play:5.

With the Sonos Play:3 already available from £239, could the Play:1 be the first Sonos speaker under £200? Sounds believable to us.

There's not much to go on from the FCC information uncovered by Engadget, though there are a few nuggets of information to be gleaned.

The documents confirm the Sonos Play:1 can function on a standalone or stereo configuration, much like the other Play speakers, and can pair with the Sonos Playbar.

Another new product for the CES 2014 pile? Quite possibly. We had heard a whisper that we might get a new Sonos product this year but the smart money now seems on next year...

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by Joe Cox

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