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SHOW NEWS: Myryad takes the one-box route

This is the Myryad mi (music integrated) system, launched at the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Show this weekend. Like similar systems from companies such as Arcam, Linn and Naim, it combines a CD player, runer and amplification in a single box, but it also has a colour display and touch-sensitive controls in place of regular buttons, and completes the package with a modular expansion port on the rear, allowing the connection of a wi-fi unit for music streaming.

The company is also launching a compact iPod dock/DAB radio unit, the RS, which will sell for under £300. It has high-quality stereo drive units on either side, and a downward-firing subwoofer on the base panel. It comes with white or black top panels, and like the mi has the Myryad M-Bus expansion port to allow it to stream music or internet radio wirelessly.

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