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Pro-Ject launches Pick-it range of turntable cartridges

If you own a Pro-Ject turntable, chances are it uses an Ortofon cartridge.

But Pro-Ject's latest, erm, project could potentially change that in the future. The company has just launched its first ever range of cartridges. All the design and voicing has been done in-house, although Ortofon will build them for Pro-Ject in its Denmark factory.

The Pick-it range consists of two models. The Pick-it S2 (£135) is aimed an the upper end of the entry-level turntable market while the Pick-it DS2 (£525) should appeal to owners of more expensive mid-range models.

The S2 uses Ortofon's Concorde cartridge body. It's been designed to be compatible with more DJ-style turntables, where the tonearm has a compatible locking collar. It simply plugs in and all you need to to is set the tracking weight. The moving magnet design has a high output of 6mV, which Pro-Ject claims will help with system matching.

The DS2 is a new moving coil design which features gold-plated connectors and uses a nude elliptical diamond stylus. It's built using a special Selective Lasering Sintering (SLS) manufacturing process which uses a laser to melt the cartridge housing into a given shape. Pro-Ject claims this produces a virtually vibration-free housing, which helps the cartridge deliver the best audio possible. Both the Pick-it S2 and DS2 are available to buy now.


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