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NEWS: Shure's latest in-ear 'phones

Shure is launching a new entry-level SE110 model into its range of sound-isolating earphones, due out late October 2007. Designed for music-lovers looking to upgrade their freebie 'phones, Shure claims the SE110’s will deliver brilliant audio precision on a budget thanks to its 'balanced microspeaker' technology. The range consists of the SE210, SE310, SE420 and top-of-the-range SE530. All use the flexible sound-isolating 'sleeves', and claim to block over 90-percent of ambient noise. Included with the 'phones are three different-sized pairs of disposable black foam sleeves and soft flex sleeves – so they should fit every ear. We’ll let you know if you should upgrade to the SE110s when we review them in our Awards issue, out October 18th.