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NEWS: Audio-Technica's £250 in-ear buds

Hot-on-the-heels of our review of the fine ATH-W1000 Sovereign high-end headphones in the June issue of our magazine – available now in all good newsagents – Audio-Technica has announced the ATH-CK10.

Despite the name, there's no relation to the aftershave as far as we're aware, but the diminutive in-ear 'phones will hope to come up at least smelling of roses, claiming sound quality previously unheard from such small headphones...

The 'two-way' headphones house two separate drivers, in a similar way to how speakers have a tweeter and a bass driver. Naturally this sounds good to us, though we might baulk at the idea that it's the equivalent of having a "high-fidelity loudspeaker inside each ear" – that would be rather heavy, no?

The 'phones come in a black finish, weigh just 4g and come with a 1.2m cable and a protective carry pouch. Though for £250, perhaps that's the least you'd expect. We look forward to hearing them in action very soon – and of course telling you all about them.

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