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Mighty Brighty turns any wall into a home cinema projection screen

Now available in the UK is the Dutch-made Mighty Brighty system, able to turn any wall into a projection screen.

Able to deliver at least 40% more contrast and 20% more brightness than a conventional white-painted wall, the system has the benefit of being all but invisible (on a white wall) when the room lights are on – and of course does away with the need for a normal projection screen.

Kits start with the £90 MPW10, which has premixed paint to create a 5 sq m projection area. One step up is the MPW20 (£180), covering 6 sq m and allowing custom mixing of the BaseCoat with a ContrastBooster, and the TopCoat with a BrightnessBooster, allowing the 'screen' to be adjusted to suit the characteristics of any projector.

The MPW30 Invisible Wall Solution, at £270, allows an entire wall (11 sq m) to be covered with a screen, and like the MPW20 comes complete with a MagneBorder frame for the screen area.

This attaches to a MagnetCoat paint layer, applied beneath the base and top coats, and can be removed when the screen isn't needed.

The kits come complete with all the tools required to apply the coating, which will leave the wall finished in a shade between white and light grey, depending on the amount of ContrastBooster used.

Mighty Brighty is distributed in the UK by S-AV distribution.

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