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The (late) Week in HD 12th-18th April

Apologies for the tardiness of this week's guide to the next seven days of hi-def content - it's been a c-razy week at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision towers, writes Tom Parsons.

Hopefully the fact that I'm writing this on a Saturday whilst sitting in front of The Land Before Time XIII will make up for it. And seriously, after thirteen films, how have the baby dinosaurs still not grown up?

Anyway, yesterday's gone so we won't talk about last night's TV, and there were no game releases of note, so instead let's crack on with the rest of the weekend and beyond.

Saturday 12th April

If you've not seen it before, indie hit Little Miss Sunshine (Sky Screen 2 HD, 3.05pm) simply must be watched. And praise Sky for including twin tuners in the HD box, as you'll also be able to record the original of The Italian Job (Sky Screen 1 HD, 4.00pm). Andrew dedicated a whole blog post about what a great advert for HD this film is, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing it.

Sunday 13th April

After a Saturday devoid of live Premiership football, it's gonna be great to see Liverpool vs. Blackburn Rovers (Sky Sports HD1, 1.00pm), followed by possible title decider Manchester United vs. Arsenal (Sky Sports HD1, 3.30pm). Later on, the Beeb is covering the final round of the US Masters Golf (BBC HD, 7.30pm). Even if you're not a golf fan, this is worth checking out for the stunning pictures.

If you need some comedic relief after all that intense sport, how about the silly-but-brilliant Dodgeball (Channel 4 HD, 9.00pm)?

Monday 14th April

In terms of Blu-rays, the only ones of note that are released today are Alvin and the Chipmunks, St. Trinians, and Damages - Season 1. No, none of those really do it for me either. I'd much rather be watching the rather underrated Stranger Than Fiction (Sky Screen 2 HD, 6.55pm), or the critically-acclaimed Brokeback Mountain (Sky Screen 2 HD, 9.00pm)

Tuesday 15th April

Tonight's the night all sci-fi fans have been waiting for, as we're treated to a feature-length opener for the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica (Sky One HD, 9.00pm). If you've been watching this TV show and saw the end of the last season, I'm sure you'll join me in praying that Tuesday comes around quickly!

Wednesday 16th April

Walk the Line (Sky Screen 2 HD, 6.40pm) is a stunningly good example of great HD. The film itself is brilliant, the HD picture is superb, and the surround soundtrack is full-bodied and meaty - absolutely fantastic.

Thursday 17th April

The immensely tense and intricate Syriana (Sky Screen 2 HD, 6.50pm) is my pick of tonight's HD movies, but if you're more in the mood for football, Everton vs. Chelsea (Sky Sports HD1, 7.30pm) should provide all the excitement you need.

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