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JAPAN NEWS: Onkyo makes an official announcement of new receiver

Onkyo Japan has officially announced the launch of the TX-SA606 receiver, the replacement for the 2007 Award-winning TX-SR605.

The details extensively leaked across various websites are confirmed as being correct, in that the new model adds some features to the old one's specification.

And at least one online retailer is already taking pre-orders for the unit at £400 - the same price as the TX-SR605.

Notable on the Japanese website is the announcement that the new model's HDMI CEC system is now compatible with Panasonic's Viera Link, Toshiba's Regza Link and Sharp's Aquos Link, allowing the receiver to give one-button control of suitable TVs from those brands.

In addition, the TX-SA606 has:

* 4 HDMI inputs

* Audyssey Dynamics EQ

* 10W more power all round

* New remote

* An extra component video input

* It seems that the unit also has a video scaler, capable of 720p/1080i output.

Audyssey Dynamics EQ works in conjunction with the Audyssey 2EQ system to adjust the balance of the sound to compensate for changing volume levels, giving a more consistent sound when listening at low volumes.

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