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IFA 2011: Epson launches five new 3D projectors

Epson Eh-TW9000

Epson has announced its first 3D projectors with the launch of five new models at IFA in Berlin.

The new projectors claim to be the brightest on the market, aim to be more comfortable than rivals and also support wireless HD.

The projectors use Epson's 3LCD technology, are full HD, sport two HDMI inputs and work with active-shutter glasses.

Leading the line are the flagship EH-TW9000 and the EH-TW9000W (pictured), the latter capable of wireless HD transmission.

They claim a 200,000:1 contrast ratio, 2400 lumens brightness and 2.1x optical zoom lens. They come bundled with two pairs of 3D glasses.

Next come the EH-TW6000 and wireless EH-TW6000W, with 40,000:1 contrast, 2200 lumes and 1.6x optical zoom. You'll get one pair of 3D specs but the projectors do have an integrated set of stereo speakers.

The EH-TW5900 is the entry-level Epson 3D projector, and comes without any bundled glasses and makes do with a 20,000:1 contrast ratio and 2000 lumens brightness.

We'll have to wait until November for the two flagship EH-TW9000 and EH-TW9000W models but the other three are due in October.

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