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Geneva AeroSphère wireless multi-room system has optional CD/DAB/FM module

Geneva has joined the multi-room streaming market with the unusual looking AeroSphère active speaker, available in two sizes and three colours. The spherical steel and polymer design comes with a choice of red, white or black fabric covers.

The Geneva AeroSphère Small (£349) is an active mono speaker which can be paired through the AeroSphère app (available for both iOS and Android) to operate in stereo mode. It incorporates a 25mm tweeter and 10cm woofer driven by DSP (Digital Signal Processing) amplifiers.

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For £649 you can buy the Geneva AeroSphère Large, a tabletop or stand-mounted active wireless stereo speaker which measures 40cm across. It houses two 25mm tweeters, two 10cm woofers and an upward-firing 15cm subwoofer, again driven by DSP amplifiers. A dedicated stand for the AeroSphère Large costs £149.

The Geneva AeroSphère Base unit adds a CD player and DAB/FM radio

The Geneva AeroSphère Base unit adds a CD player and DAB/FM radio

Both models are equipped with wi-fi, AirPlay, DLNA and aptX Bluetooth connectivity. Using AirPlay or DLNA, multiple AeroSphère speakers can be added within a network to play music files or internet radio from PCs, smartphones and tablets via iTunes, Spotify Connect, Deezer and the like.

In addition to wireless capability, the AeroSphères also have a stereo mini-jack input for connecting analogue sources.

If you'd like to expand the system further, you can add the Geneva AeroSphère Base for £449. This is an app-controlled network device which includes a CD player and DAB+/DAB/FM radio (with presets) and a single line input.

LED indicators illuminate the Geneva logo on each AeroSphère speaker, changing colour to indicate the source and status: green for AirPlay/DLNA, blue for Bluetooth, pink for the line-in - and with the Base unit connected red for CD, light blue for DAB or FM and again pink for line-in.

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The optional stand for the AeroSphère Large costs £149

The optional stand for the AeroSphère Large costs £149