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Flexson wall mount allows the Play:1 to swivel every which way

The new mount features a unique tilting mechanism, as well as having the ability to swivel left and right. Users are also able to hang their Play:1 speakers upside down to allow access to the control buttons. Speakers can even be mounted on the ceiling, if so desired.

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David Cain, Flexson sales and marketing manager says: "Our original wall mount for the Play:1 is one of our bestsellers, but consumers and custom installers asked if we could add even more flexibility, especially for mounting the Sonos speakers higher up."

"And that's exactly what the new design offers - while remaining at the same price."

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The Flexson Sonos Play:1 wall mount is available in black or white and can be bought individually for £29.99 or £54.99 for a pair.

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