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EE announces 4G phone plans


EE has release details of prices for the UK's first 4G LTE mobile phone tariffs.

The service, called 4GEE, is set to go live next Tuesday October 30th in ten cities across the UK, offering speeds 'typically five times faster than 3G'.

All the 4GEE phone plans include free unlimited calls and texts, with prices varying on the amount of data you require. There's no unlimited data plan, however.

4GEE phone plans:

500MB for £36
1GB for £41
3GB for £46
5GB for £51
8GB for £56

There are also SIM-only deals, should you already have bought a compatible 4G phone from Orange or T-Mobile or have an iPhone 5 bought from Apple, Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U.

4GEE SIM-only plans:

500MB for £21
1GB for £26
3GB for £31
5GB for £36

There is a £5 upgrade option in order to use your unlimited calls and texts in selected foreign countries and avoid roaming charges, while tethering the internet connection from your phone is free as standard.

EE Film
EE is also launching EE Film, a film streaming and download service starting at 79p per film and with users given one free film a week.

You can watch on your mobile or on your TV or computer, with a clever option to pause on one device and continue where you left off on another.

What's more, EE is offering owners of an iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X the chance to switch to a 4G LTE version of their phone and to an EE 4GEE contract for a fee of £99.

EE Fibre Broadband
Finally, EE is launching its Fibre Broadband service, promising download speeds of up to 76Mbps. Plans start from £15/month and you can get a £5 discount on your 4GEE phone bill if you take EE Fibre Broadband, too.

From October 30th all Eveything Everywhere, T-Mobile and Orange high street shops will be rebranded as EE stores.

See all the details on the EE website.

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