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DTS:X to be officially unveiled on 9th April

According to the company's official Twitter feed, DTS will release all the information on the new format next Thursday. We first heard about DTS:X at CES 2015, where this successor to DTS-HD Master Audio made its debut.

Dolby Atmos needs a compatible home cinema amp and relevant speaker configuraton to work, so it will be interesting to see the requirements for DTS:X and how the new technology approaches surround sound.

According to the DTS website, "manufacturers representing nearly 90 per cent of the home AV receiver and surround processor market including Anthem, Denon, Krell, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer and Yamaha, have all agreed to launch products supporting DTS:X in 2015."

We've already put a few Atmos-enabled receivers from the likes of Yamaha and Pioneer through their paces - does this mean you'll have to buy a new receiver to be able to enjoy DTS:X? We hope not.

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