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CES NEWS: Sonneteer's Morpheus brings music from the dark

No, it's not the latest home cinema in a box concept from one of the Japanese majors. Instead, this one comes all the way from leafy Esher, Surrey, by way of Las Vegas, Nevada.

It's the new Morpheus unit from British company Sonneteer, launched at CES 2008, and it combines music streaming with internet radio and playback from USB memory devices and SD cards. It also packs both Sonneteer's Bard wireless audio system and a Bluetooth connection.

Designed to be used on a shelf or wall-hung using its industry-standard VESA 100 mount, the Morpheus is ready for both single-room and multiroom operation. The wi-fi connection gives you access to over 8000 internet radio stations and more than 20,000 on-demand audio services, and the unit will stream all digital music formats up to and including uncompressed CD-quality sound.

Options include a CD player and a 50W per channel digital amp, and the unit has a stack of convenience features including a motion-sensing system to wake it up from standby.

More details when we have them...

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